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Testimonials - The Sui Generis Inc.

Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

Quote LeftAfter drinking CC Tea i have tremendously reduced my weight. And i am very happy about the change in me. I eventually had a lot of internal problem before like stomach ache, constipation, indigestion etc. It really do amaze me because CC Tea is the ultimate solution for all my hardships regarding my health. The tea definitely has a very unique taste and its own aroma which makes it more addictive by nature. Thank You to The SuiGeneris Inc.Quote Right
Posted By: P. Joy. Singh
kwakeithel thiyam awang leikai, Imphal Manipur
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Quote LeftI love the wonderful taste and fantastic smell of CC Tea. My whole family and relatives are crazy about the product. It is good for health benefits and I'm proud to have such company in Manipur. Wish you all the best.Quote Right
Posted By: L. Subashini Devi
Quote LeftBefore using CC Tea my weight was over weight and difficult to do work and get tired very soon. Being daily user of this product for the past 7 months, I could reduce my weight and I'm energetic than before. Thanks to CC Tea.Quote Right
Posted By: W. Nonibala Devi
Quote LeftI get exhausted when I reach home from school then I drink a cup of CC Tea which refreshes my mind and body. It also helps during my periods and always keeps me fresh by just a cup of tea. And now I have been drinking 4-5 times a day for the past 3 months. Thanks a lot Sui Generis.Quote Right
Posted By: N. Priyashwori Devi
Student, Kwakeithel Thiyam Leikai, Imphal
Quote LeftI heard about this product a year ago but I have been using 6 months now. CC Tea helps me in refreshing my mind and I drink often after taking classes. Keep up the good work Sui Generisians..Quote Right
Posted By: Leena Lei
Teacher, Imphal
Quote LeftFirst of all thanks to The Sui Generis, before using CC Tea I had lots of problem like headache, loosing appetite,etc during my menstrual cycle. But after using CC Tea, all my problems are gone. And lastly I love the taste and aroma of CC Tea very much.Quote Right
Posted By: Bellu Huirem
Student, Kwakeithel
Quote LeftI started using CC Tea long ago and I drink thrice a day which has given me best results in improving my health and cautioning from diseases. I'm also happy that I could work and finish my daily routine in time without any tiredness. Wishing Sui Generis a prosperous journey.Quote Right
Posted By: Angom Jilla Singh
Wangkhei Thambalkhong, Manipur
Quote LeftI'm happy to comment of CC Tea which has become one of my need in my day ti day life. The nutritions present in CC Tea gives me freshness and make me a health person. I suggest to all my beloved people to try this product for a healthy body. Thanks to Sui Generis.Quote Right
Posted By: Amarjit Thokchom
Sagolband Meino Leirak, Imphal
Quote LeftI have been using CC Tea for the past 5 months and I'm a daily user. CC Tea is good for everything in general. Whenever I drink this tea I get courage and it has given me health benefits.
I wish Sui Generis to continue producing CC Tea life long in public interest.
Quote Right
Posted By: Angom Benjonson Singh
Wankhei Thambalkhong, Imphal
Quote LeftI didn't like the taste of CC tea earlier then I drink often which has made me to cease other tea products. The shocking thing is that without any side effect in the body my weight has reduced. From this I could believe that these tea leaves are totally natural and is one of the medicine. I'm so grateful to Sui Generis.Quote Right
Posted By: Haobam Ibemcha Devi

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