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Quote LeftPreviously I had difficulties in breathing but after having used CC Tea for over a period of 6 months now, I could feel lots of relief now. I can now breath freely and I am definitely enjoying every cup of my CC Tea.Quote Right
Posted By: Ph. Bimola
Office Asst., Magfruit Manipur, Thangmeiband Lourung Purel Leikia
Quote LeftCC Tea made a difference in my life regarding my health habits. Enjoying a cup of CC Tea makes me fresh and active. My family and friends all drink CC Tea and we now cannot drink the normal conventional tea any more. I strongly suggest that everyone should try this tea as I can feel the health benefits whenever I have a sip of this tea.Quote Right
Posted By: Nameirakpam Sanajao
Retd.Government Servant, Imphal West, Manipur, India
Quote LeftI'm happy to have such company in Manipur. As this tea has given me a new life at this age with health benefits like reducing Blood Pressure and loosing weight. The outcome of this product is really commendable and now I'm healthy enough then before. I wish a very good luck to grow this company larger.Quote Right
Posted By: Nameirakpam ongbi Indrani Devi
Kwakeithel, Imphal
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Quote LeftFirstly, I have been using this product CCtea for past 9 month and it is very refreshing and tasty it benefit my health regarding digestion,cough and lots,I am thankfull to the for producing such a wonderful product,All the best and once again thanking Suigeneris for making products available in market.Quote Right
Posted By: Thokchom Kiran Meitei
Heirangoithong Maibam Leikai, Imphal
Quote LeftI am very proud of myself to be a meitei and i would like to thank the suigeneris inc . for presenting such a precious gift to the human race.For the first time i don't know about this product and its benefit .Now i realize it is a testy tea as well as a best medicine........ i take cc tea 5 time a day ......for the first time i was not comfortable its smell i can't escape from the flavour this i test what about a lucky oneQuote Right
Posted By: khomdram sunil singh
BCA student, New Delhi
Quote LeftActually,I am really proud to be a regular user of ccTea,As this tea has given me a lot of health benefits.After using CCtea a couple of months ago,my constipation problem and swelling in my legs has already been out of my body.Now ,I realised that this tea is the elixir of our life ,so that i can"t live without this tea.And i'm really crazy about its pieasant aroma and taste .This gives me a lively and refreshing life,that i never found before .Quote Right
Posted By: khwairakpam ongbi jibanlata devi
house-wife, sega road khwairakpam leikai
Quote LeftI first bought CC Tea just on a trial basis as it was mentioned that it is good for cough and cold. Common Cold was a major cause of concern for my son Kangabam Bhaktaraj, until I found CC Tea. It indeed gives quick relief from common cold. My whole family drink CC Tea for its aroma and taste but I make sure that I never run out of stock of this beautiful product for the sake of my son.
Thanks a lot... Sui Generis.
Quote Right
Posted By: Kangabam Mantosh
Business Executive of a Pharma Company, Sagolband Moirang Leirak
Quote LeftMay God bless the suigeneris Inc for bringing out CC Tea , an Excellent product suitable for everyone as well as easy to procure even by common people. And as far as i see about the tea - taste and aroma. I aint got nothing to say coz its quite a suigeneris like the company name. Once you start taking it then you won't be able to skip or stop it.
I owe much gratitude to this company for providing such a phenomenal tea since it has helped my family in many ways. All the health benefits listed in the product are very much true. My father finds quite helpful in maintaining High blood pressure to normalcy. And it helps my mom in solving digestion problems
Thanks Suigeneris Inc
Quote Right
Posted By: Ayo tangkhul
Imphal, Manipur, India
Quote LeftCC tea had indeed given me a miraculous health benefits to my family especially me. I always had digestion problem and is very much vulnerable to seasonal change viral ??? esp., coughing. As of now, with the intake of CC tea, i see that it has boost my immune system .Now, i am free from the previous ailments.Thanks to CC tea and the suigeneris Inc.

How i take CC tea ?
- I regularly take cc tea two times a day. One in the morning and another at bedtime(Half liter each)
- On half liter of hot water i used 3- 4 table spoon of cc tea
- For morning CC tea .I used to set the previous night, using a flask ,hot water and CC tea .I used flash to prevent the aroma (a medicine) of CC tea from leaving the bottle.
- Right after morning CC tea. i will do the same as above for evening.
- I prefer Lukewarm CC tea because it's very difficult to drink Half liter of hot CC tea.
Quote Right
Posted By: Daisy Shinglai
House wife, Ukhrul District, Manipur, India
Quote LeftI had been using CC Tea for more than a year now and I am habituated with its aroma and taste. I feel that I cannot start my day without a cup of CC Tea in my bed. I feel that this tea imparts vigor, strength and vitality to the body and it stimulates me. It has got a very pleasant taste and I enjoy every sip of this tea with all my heart every time I drink it. I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.Quote Right
Posted By: Wahengbam Ibohal
Retd.College Lecturer, Imphal West

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