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Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

Quote LeftThis tea tastes amazing! I am so grateful to The Sui Generis Inc. for your help in getting me started this new healthy habit. I just can't believe it was barely over one year ago that I started drinking cctea, it seems to me that I've been drinking it for my whole life, which shows that I am planning to drink it for the rest of my life.Quote Right
Posted By: Vir Bhadra Yumnam
Entrepreneur, Film Maker, Imphal East
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Quote LeftFirstly, I appreciate The Sui Generis Inc. for their mission and it is a wonderful initiative that will certainly help in creating a greener and better tomorrow. I started using CC Tea about 5 months back and its really good with a refreshing taste. I feel that two cups a day on a regular basis can surely act as a catalyst for stress related and digesion problems. In the long run, it is beneficial for those who are suffering from sleeping problems as well. Thank you CC Tea.Quote Right
Posted By: Somesh
Quote LeftI'm proud that the state has such company which is growing day by day. The product is really commendable and also has a very pleasant taste and smell. From the time of the product launch I have been drinking this tea and I'll be drinking because it keeps me healthy. Apart from the health benefits mentioned in the leaflet, I have experienced that it helps in constipation, viral fever and headache. I thank this company for everything.

My prayers and best wishes of future endeavor of this organisation will be always there..
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Posted By: K. NIrmala Devi
Kwakeithel, Imphal
Quote LeftI have stopped drinking other beverages since the day I was introduced to CC Tea. It smells good compare to other green teas available in the market and it is the best green tea available so far. Coming to know all the benefits that I get from drinking CC tea, I have decided to drink CC tea for the rest of my life.

I appreciate The Sui Generis Inc. for creating such amazing green tea for all of us. Keep bringing up the best!
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Posted By: Loiyumba
Entrepreneur, Imphal
Quote LeftThe great CC Tea has become my absolutely favourite healthy drink since May 2012. I felt like discovering a new world of health with sweet taste and sweet aroma. And i can say that this is the recent goal which I've achieved. It is inevitable and helps me keep relaxed and refreshed during my daily routines. And most importantly it makes my skin healthy and glow with zero acne which was my major skin problem but now i smile whenever i look into the mirror.
I really thank and appreciate Sui Generis Inc. for taking up such a great step towards the Green Industrial Revolution and Green Environment ensuring us a secure,better,healthy and green earth.
I wish the Granules of this "Green Gold" adore the whole world and " The Sui Generis Inc." becomes the world's No.1.
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Posted By: Ngangbam Romia
Pursuing MCA in AMCAS, Chennai
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Quote Lefti have been using this product since 2 months and it is by far the best tea i have come across.Since its a refreshing drink, it proves to be a good start to my is also a very healthy drink and it helps in losing weight if consumed on a regular basis.I am really impressed with this product as it is both healthy and tasty and i am going to stick with it.Quote Right
Posted By: Pansy Laishram
Quote Lefti have been drinking cc tea for a few months now and i have noticed some benefits regarding stomach pain and indigestion.CC tea unlike any other tea has a uniquely good taste and smell.It tastes really nice without adding sugar also.For those people finding hard to sleep well must try this is an instant cure.i never get tired of drinking this great thanks to the cc tea team for the creation of this amazingly great and healthy tea.i wish you all luck in future.Quote Right
Posted By: suzanne laishram
student, Delhi gtb station
Quote LeftI am using this product for 5 months and i am really impress with its taste & smell.After using this CC TEA my digestive problems are gone and i don't need to go to a doctor for such problem because my digestion is going really good,hearing all this my family and buddies are using CC tea now. Thanks to "THE SUI GENERIS INC." for producing such a wonderful product. And i am quite sure CC TEA contains more medicinal values as compare to other teas.Quote Right
Posted By: sunjit kumar
businessman, imphal
Quote LeftIt's been quite a while I am drinking CC Tea ,there are few other green tea vendors in the market and I have tried them too. But the taste, the sweet smell and the no of health benefits this product gives, makes it distinct from other Green Teas in the market.

I have seen drastic improvements after drinking this tea, in terms of stress , gastric, stomach ache , along with the pleasure of having a Green tea with out worrying about the no of cups having per day ( as we do in regular teas )

All I can say is thank you SuiGeneris for this Innovation and restoring healthy habits in us.

P.S. Thanks for the new Dip Tea pack , which I can drink it while I am in office.
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Posted By: Prasant Sadangi
S/W Engineer, Pune
Quote LeftFirstly I thank the company for coming up with such products. I have been using this product for almost a year and I find alot of health benefits out of this. I'm really happy that I could reduce my weight by 6-8kgs and now I'm slim and flexible. Also I find the taste better than any other tea I had. Lastly I'm looking forward in growing this organisation larger and distribute this product all over the world.Quote Right
Posted By: Ibana Thabah
Currently in Chennai.
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