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Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

Quote LeftAt first I didn't want to have a taste because of the beautiful color of CC Tea which is totally green. Then my bro has insisted to have a sip and then now I drink often. CC Tea gives better health and improves our body functions. I would say that it is not just a tea but also a medicine. It has protected me from various diseases like fever, cough, etc. Thanks Sui Generis.Quote Right
Posted By: Haobam Ambrapati
Quote LeftI compliment Sui Generis for the production of CC Tea. The great taste and wonderful aroma of CC Tea has made me to drink only CC Tea leaving all the rest. CC tea has given me mental clarity with good mood and relaxing after hard work. CC Tea is the excellent green tea I have ever taste. My friends go for it.Quote Right
Posted By: Thounaojam Lenin Singh
Quote LeftInitially I thought that CC Tea is a foreign product however I show meitei mayek embossed on the cover of the packet. I'm delighted and proud that CC Tea has started from Manipur. I feel now that industrial revolution has emerged in Manipur. The taste and smell of CC tea is very different from other tea and I like it very much. I start a day with a cup of CC Tea and ends with the same.<br />
Thanks for introducing CC Tea not only to me but also to the everyone.<br />
Hope one day CC Tea will surely become the taste of the world.
Quote Right
Posted By: Tarzan R.K.
Quote LeftI have been drinking CC Tea for a while now. It has given me so many health benefits like poor digestion, stomach aches, improves eyesight and healthy skin as well. The best things I'm so happy for is to relieve the pain during menstrual cycle, nausea and maintain fats in the body. I would say that CC Tea is the best tea and good for health in all aspects.Quote Right
Posted By: Oshin Akoijam
Student, Kwakeithel Thiyam Leikai, Imphal.
Quote LeftI have been drinking the normal conventional tea since I was in first grade. But never felt the difference in taste which I get when I drink Cc Tea. It has got a very addictive aroma as well as the taste. I feel very refreshing after drinking it and even by the look because it is totally green. Thank you Sui Generis.Quote Right
Posted By: Gangani Devi
Quote LeftI have been using CC Tea for the past 6 months which is an energy drink for me and also refreshes during long tired work. It is really good to have as medicine and so I drink often. I would request the company to provide CC tea in all shops so that it can satisfy those people who are looking for it and I'm also one of them. Thanks.Quote Right
Posted By: N. Tombi Devi
Shopkeeper, Imphal, Manipur
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Quote LeftFirstly I was shocked with the color of the tea leaves and the beautiful color of the tea. Thought it was a fake but later I came to know that it gives a lot of health benefits and now I'm proud to have CC Tea. I couldn't believe still about the wonderful taste of CC Tea. My family needs CC Tea all the time and is the best product for all of us. Thanks to Sui Generis.Quote Right
Posted By: Basanti devi
Govt. Employee, Ngairangbam Awang Leikai
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Quote LeftCC Tea is very good to drink. It smells good and the taste too. I consider CC Tea as very valuable drink because it helps our body in many ways. I love to drink even if it is cool but as winter started I drink only hot CC tea. It doesn't only refresh our body but also gives warmness. I'm grateful to Sui Generis.Quote Right
Posted By: K. Menjor Singh
Student, Imphal West
Quote LeftIn my life, CC Tea is the first green tea which I'm drinking and using it for 4 months now. I had red tea for the past 5 years but no health benefits were there. After using CC Tea I have seen a lot of health improvement in me and I feel great. The aroma and awesome taste of CC Tea have made me to forget other teas. I'm glad that CC Tea started in Manipur.Quote Right
Posted By: Naorem Opendro
Businessman, Luker Mayai Leikai, Imphal
Quote LeftI am using CC Tea newly. I'm experiencing a lot of health benefits. CC Tea is a good tea which is tasty and the smell is also wonderful. Keep up CC Tea.Quote Right
Posted By: Santosh
Imphal West

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