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Testimonials - The Sui Generis Inc.

Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

Quote LeftI'm proud that CC Tea was introduced to Manipur for the first time in the world. I like the taste with lemon flavor and it has helped me a lot in reducing my weight and it keeps refreshing all the time even though if the tea is cold.

No words to express my thanks, Sui Generis.
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Posted By: Kh. Androy
Teacher, Meitram, Manipur
Quote LeftI'm using CC Tea for the past 4 months and could find a lot of improvement in me. I often have digestion and constipation problems before and now it seems these problems have gone far away after drinking CC Tea for which I'm so happy.<br />
Thanks to Sui Generis.
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Posted By: Moirangthem Kennedy Singh
Businessman, Heirangoithong, Manipur
Quote LeftFirst of all I would like to thank Sui Generis.. I'm a diabetes patient and have problem on urination. After using this product my problem got solved and my body feels so lightly and refreshing. I have been using this product since 6 months. My family drinks CC Tea, especially my grandson and now he is addicted to CC Tea. They have stopped drinking other tea products. CC Tea is great.Quote Right
Posted By: M. Ibomcha Singh
Retired Govt. Employee, Heirangoithong, Imphal
Quote LeftI am basically a housewife and as everyone knows we do a lot of household activities. And at the end of the day i totally use to feel very exhausted and restless. Couple of months ago i came across CC Tea and believe it or not this is exactly one kind of a refreshing beverage which i was looking for quite a long time. Now it helps me relief all my tiredness and makes me feel so refresh even during the last hours of my day. I drink at least three times a day. I m so thankful to The SuiGeneris Inc. and want to convey my best wishes for everything in the future.Quote Right
Posted By: Sagolshem. Sandyarani. Devi
Swongbung, imphal, manipur
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Quote Left"I love sui cc tea thank you sui" So, I tried CC Tea and the price was very Cheap and economical and I am now drinking CC Tea 5 Times a day and the composition was very Good.Quote Right
Posted By: Kemeshwori Devi Th.
Uripok Takhellambam Leikai,Imphal
www.the suigeneris in
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Quote LeftI used to be the kind of guy who would fall sick with the slightest of change in weather; until a good friend of mine introduced me to CC tea. With three times a day of CC tea, my immune system seems to have had just what it has been longing for, because now, it's actually difficult for me to remember the last time i was sick ha ha. All thank to CC tea, I have become less lethargic and more productive. As in so productive that, even after a long tiring day's work, i just takes a cup of CC tea and am all set to finish whatever extra work that's left , if any . Hats off to SUI Generis Inc.Quote Right
Posted By: Sunju kumar ksh.
Singjamei Okram Leikai,Imphal P/o:- Singjamei P/s:- Kakwa
www.the suigeneris in
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Quote LeftTried CC tea, and the first thing I asked my Son was, Can we keep some extra in stock ?:-). It tastes and smell s nothing like any other tea in the market. Personally , this clearly is the best tea I have ever had. Apart from its Magical Aroma and Refreshing Taste , I also discovered various other health benefit it had to offer ; like after regular use of CC tea I noticed a substantial amount of improvement in my appetite, I was eating well and voila! that burning sensation while passing urine also subsided. I only have praise and Support for the guys behind making CC tea available.Quote Right
Posted By: ksh. Boudhabati Devi
Singjamei Okram Leikai,Imphal P/o:- Singjamei P/s:- Kakwa
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Quote Left" Fist of all thanks to "Sui Generis" I am happy that this company is in our state, Manipur. As far as I am concern CC Tea will be my Family is Favourite tea. Apart from the advantage we are getting it from this product at the same time i feel proud that this company has done a great job for the welfare of our state whether it is economic or health concern. Hope this company grow larger and make the world know our state as "LAND OF SUI GENERIS"ALL THE BEST.Quote Right
Posted By: Kemeshwori Devi
Singjamei Okram Leikai, Imphal
www.the suigeneris in
Quote LeftI'm heartily grateful to this company. I have melasma and I have been trying to reduce it and also I have taken many medications but nothing worked out. And then CC Tea was introduced to me and I started using it for almost a year now which has given me a lot of medications. I was shocked when one of my friend said that my melasma is eliminating and then I drink 4-5 cups of tea a day..

Hats Off, SUI GENERIS...
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Posted By: Lalri Mawii
Teacher, Churachandpur, Manipur
Quote LeftEarlier i regularly use to have a digestion problem, which was particularly a main sickness in my life. But later when i started drinking CC Tea three times a day in a minimum basis i could definitely see a big difference. And now i can proudly say that i have no tension toward digestion anymore. I would like to give a huge thanks to The SuiGeneris Inc. for inventing the one and only product (CC Tea). And i am overwhelmed to know that this kind of industry is taking a main role in our society today.Quote Right
Posted By: Ningthoujam. Biju. Singh
Top awang leikai, imphal, manipur

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