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Testimonials - The Sui Generis Inc.

Your input is important to us. Please provide your valuable feedback. Here are some testimonials from our clients:

Quote LeftI am 72 years now due to the old age I am so tired after working. After using CC Tea now I don't feel any tiredness and it gives me a boost to complete my work soon. Now I drink only CC Tea leaving all the rest. I liked the taste very much and the smell is fantastic.

Go Ahead Sui Generis, I am looking forward for more endeavors.
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Posted By: Ningthoujam Ningthouren Singh
Top Moirangkampu
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Quote LeftSince the past 6 months i have been drinking CC Tea and now i am a regular user. It definitely has a unique taste in it. The fact is that i was not very happy with the smell and the taste when i drank for the first time. But as i told you it has a very unique taste and also make you want to drink every now and then i started liking it. It is very refreshing and makes you feel so fresh. A huge thanks to The SuiGeneris Inc. Wishing all the best for the future.Quote Right
Posted By: Ningthoujam. Kiranbala. Devi
top awang leikai, Imphal, manipur
Quote LeftI have been using this product for the past 3 months. At the beginning i had a little problem with the smell of CC Tea but gradually i started liking it more and more. And the taste is undoubtedly addictive. Now that i have started using it regularly my family member are even crazy when it comes to CC Tea. I m a big fan of this tea and i m going to stick to it for the rest of my life.Quote Right
Posted By: Y. Binita
Imphal West, Manipur
Quote LeftIt's probably one of the best tea i have come across in my entire life. Whenever I came back home after a hard working day and a heavy schedule, I make myself a refreshing cup of CC Tea and i feel very healthy and light. It instantly provides us a very comfortable feel & relaxes both our body and mind .I would like to thank The SuiGeneris Inc. for introducing this amazing product, and would want to give all the best wishes for the future.Quote Right
Posted By: Mona Thokchom
Student, Imphal West, Manipur
Quote LeftStarting the day with a cup of CC Tea is a must for me now. I can't dream of a day where the aroma and taste of CC Tea won't touch my taste buds. This, I think is a revolutionary product. The only problem I have for this product is the lack of availability in the market. I sincerely request you to make it available in the market around the world and make buying easy for people like us.Quote Right
Posted By: Binod Yumkhaibam
Student, South Ext. I, New Delhi
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Quote LeftI love sui cc tea thank you suiQuote Right
Posted By: Yoihenbs Thoudam
student, takyel khongbal
Quote LeftI have been using CC Tea for the last 3 months and I can get lots of health benefit form this tea like it solve my gastric problem, constipation problem and even I could feel that this tea gives me more energy and also my nerves stronger.<br />
Thank you Sui Generis.
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Posted By: Akam Chongloi
Ex-service man (Army), Khongsai Venk Laipham Khunou Imphal, P.O. Lamlong
Quote LeftI appreciate The Sui Generis Inc.’s CMD Mr. Ragesh Keisham, for his new innovation and creativity of this New Product “CC TEA",
My Dad sent me a CC TEA from my home town Manipur, INDIA and he told me that the taste is same like Lemon. My dad is a Cancer Patient and he drinks more than 5 times a day and after drinking CC TEA he feels that CC Tea is invigorating and the taste makes his body healthy and relaxed after every cup and he told me that he uses CC TEA as a Medicine. So, I tried CC Tea and the price was very Cheap and economical and I am now drinking CC Tea 5 Times a day and the composition was very Good. CC Tea keeps my body healthy, fit and relaxed …. no tension.
This campaign will fight for Global Warming and everyone will support you,Thanks for your Valuable Concept.
Long Live CC TEA & long live the CMD, MR RAGESH KEISHAM.
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Posted By: Heikujam Khuman
Visual Merchandiser, Landmark Group, Dubai., Dubai
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Quote LeftIam an user of your esteem product and i have felt the good result of using this product.But one point i would like to apprise you that the price of this product is a little higher due to which most eof the lower and middle class family cannot use this product.So, you please try to minimized the price so that each and every family can use this product.THNX.....Quote Right
Posted By: Naorem.Nilima Devi
khurai lairik yengbam leikai,lamlong bazar Imphal east
www.the sui generis .inc
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Quote LeftI have used "cctea" manufactured by the SUI GENERIS INC kwakeithel lamdong leikai,Imphal for the last one month from which i have gain lots of benifit in all respect of my health.But i would like to suggest one point regarding the dose of taking this product.So please write details of the dose on the cartoon in future.THANKS TO "THE SUI GENERIS" wish u a great success for developing this companyQuote Right
Posted By: Ngairangbam.Motilal Singh
lairik yengbam leikai,khurai lamlong
www.the sui

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