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Quote LeftBest Compliment to Sui Generisians. CC Tea has given me energy all the time and helps in maintaining my slimness. It keeps me drinking with its lemon flavor, which is my favourite fruit and I like it so much. I'm keeping high hopes in distribution of this product all over the world.Quote Right
Posted By: Sairem Naobi Devi
Fashion Designer, Kwakeithel, Imphal
Quote LeftThis tea is really an amazing one, I didn't like it at the first time but slowly I have been attracted to it. As I know it gives a lot of health benefits but to me it has reduced my weight and helps me to have food regularly. This tea is better even if it is cool and has the same taste.Quote Right
Posted By: W. Geeta Devi
Kwakeithel, Imphal
Default User 0
Quote LeftCc tea or lemon grass tea makes me fresh even it improved our immune system which protect from deadly diseases .since I understand the value of this superb herb every day I m serving cup of cc tea to my family member now our family leading disease free life. Not only it improved our health but also using it as a pesticide and insecticide without harming our environment. Thanks to the members of sui generis for producing elixir of life.Quote Right
Posted By: Mayanglambam Geeta Devi
Working at agri dept, Top khongnangkhong
Quote LeftI don't have much to say but this CC Tea has helped me in many ways especially health benefits. After using the tea for nearly 6 months I could reduce my weight and maintain my fooding habits. I would like to drink only this tea other than any tea. It's the best ever thing for Manipur in introducing this product and I'm proud of it.Quote Right
Posted By: Meishnam (O) Memcha Devi
Housewife, Kwakeithel Thiyam Leikai, Imphal
Quote Left"WOW' is what I said after my first sip of CC-Tea. Really it tastes so Great. After drinking this Amazing tea, I earn my health and become fresh and active all the time. Moreover It makes me feel so cool and light loosing my weight. Before I never had a habit of drinking tea but now I end up being a CC-Tea lover.
CC-Tea is the Best Tea ever. Hats off to Sui Generis! The Best
Quote Right
Posted By: Ngangbam Bidyachandra
1st yr, BSc Visual Communication, Cennai
Quote LeftI am a good sleeper. I even sleep while driving from my home to my work place but after I drink regular green tea of Sui Generis, the untimely sleepiness has gone. So, it is a wonderful product and I recommend to use this product those who are like me.Quote Right
Posted By: Keisham Okendrojit Singh
Social Worker, Yairipok, Thoubal
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Quote LeftCC tea always makes me fresh and also boosted my energy I must say it is the one of best energy drink in world .Thanks to the sui genris team creating such wonderful product and bringing it to market. Also I really appreciate the concept of saving our mother nature, in future I ll extend my hand to co operate any project taken up by sui genris team.Quote Right
Posted By: aribam budhachandra sharma
business man, yumnam leikai
Quote LeftI am a Diabetes patient and I have a big problem during urination. After having started using CC Tea, I am getting lots of improvement and I feel almost normal while urinating. I also feel that I have slowly regain my strength and at the same time, I have lost some weight also which was a major concern some time back. And lastly, I simply love the sublime taste of CC Tea.Quote Right
Posted By: Potshangbam Dhaneshwori
Housewife, Kwakeithel Thokchom Leikai, Imphal West.
Quote LeftI am one of the users of CC Tea. It is unique and differs from other drinks. I am an MBBS student at RIMS, Imphal. CC Tea, a natural drink gives a pleasant smell and good taste. I experience a cool and calm mind after every drink. It maintains homeostasis and regulates the digestive system. It refreshes my mind and I can give more attention to my studies. I wish to drink it as long as I can. Thanks SuiGeneris.Quote Right
Posted By: Mukesh Laishram
MBBS, RIMS, Meitram Awang Leikai, Manipur
Quote LeftBetween the battles of peoples for survival, growth and development our planet suffers and at a time it supports us.How far our SUSTAINABLE programmes are successful, there's increasing number of natural disasters & demands. At this moment am happy and proud to be a part of Suigeneris as it stands for "GREEN PLANET" and "GREEN PRODUCTS". Which is very natural and healthy. Its product CCTea is a touch of a new natural taste which activates me since October 2011. Its really Refreshing. I wish everyone to drink it for a healthy life, healthy family & healthy planet.Quote Right
Posted By: Linlen Thingom

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